System Solutions

Creating a system that grows with your team

Our CRM and ERP system solutions include Microsoft and other industry leading CRM and ERP. They are completely integrated to provide flexibility and familiarity with all existing products. The result for your team is a fully inter-connected business… at the systems level, the business process level, and at the human level.

The other important distinction of CRM and ERP system solutions is cost effective scalability. While our clients experience the benefits of collaborative information management tools, rest assured CRM and ERP system solutions have been designed to expand as your company’s needs expand, so your investment is incremental.

Business Collaboration, Information Worker and Business Intelligence practices complement all business applications. These processes allow your team to integrate all the valuable data from your business and legacy systems, placing it into the hands of the right people who will make the best decisions for your company.

The most asked questions about enterprise software have been:

    • What kinds of programs it encompasses
    • Whether or not a company is the right size for an enterprise solution
    • What their options are based on their company size

The concerns we hear that are common to all businesses fall into the following categories, regardless of size:

Challenge #1 – Outdated Software

We provide simple updates and improvements that pay for themselves:


    • Complete review of the systems currently in place
    • Improved information access to all software programs
    • Resolution to frustrations/ complications of outdated software
    • Reduced reliance on Excel or Access for reporting
    • Improved information access in or out of existing software
    • Eliminate financial and analytical reporting problems
    • Research and develop alternatives to any and all entry level programs, as requested and/ or required
    • Options and phased plans to meet your needs and budget

Challenge #2 – Administration

We help secure peace of mind for your administrators:


    • Permanently resolve receivables, payables, and other sub-ledgers that don’t tie back to the general ledger
    • Develop solutions to data security issues
    • Resolve cash flow problems

Challenge #3 – Scalability/ Growth

Develop confidence as your business grows; your software can seamlessly grow with it, CRM, ERP and everything in between:


    • Ease the integration of new business lines while defining improved business processes and financial controls
    • Streamline out-of-state trade compliance issues with sales tax collection in non-residential states
    • Address any and all challenges your team is experiencing