Mapping Functionality

Mapping CRM to ERP Functionality

First Things First

Regardless of your back office software systems, your front office CRM/ Marketing Automation needs to be sending results directly to your accounting system. Whether CRM is sending orders or jobs, that information can go directly to accounting, via a work flow or directly to a batch. Your system should process work exactly the way your team does, without extra work on their part.

Advantages to your Business

    • A more efficient business workflow.
    • Enhanced in-house collaboration with your unified technology platform.
    • You focus on your business and less on the technology and its details.
    • Task-oriented process can get you closer to your business goals, no matter where you’re starting from
    • As your business grows, you will extend your functionality with more advanced capabilities.

Decision Making

We have developed a series of collaborative internal processes to compliment your business application practices. These processes allow you to mine all the valuable data from your business and legacy systems. That data is then placed in the hands of the right people to make the best decisions for your company.

Our Mission Statement

To improve the lives and business success of clients and partners

Our Vision

Our ability to move your company forward extends beyond our software, way beyond in fact