Responding to Our Client’s Red Flags

Our team reduces your corporate ‘freak factor’ to zero

Voiced by CEOs/CFOs, Certified Public Accountants and Tech Support Specialists, these are the Financial Software and Operational concerns common to businesses, regardless of size.

OUTDATED SOFTWARE – Simple updates and improvements that pay for themselves.
– Reduce the complications caused by outdated software (if yours is more than 7 or 8 years old).
– Improve information access in or out of existing software.
– Reduce reliance on Excel or Access in operational or financial reporting.
– Research and develop better alternatives to QuickBooks, Peachtree, One Write and other entry level accounting programs.
– Eliminate financial and analytical reporting problems.

ADMINISTRATION – This is all about securing peace of mind for your administrators.
– Permanently resolve receivables, payables, and other sub-ledgers that don’t tie back to the general ledger.
– Develop solutions to data security issues.
– Resolve cash flow problems.

GROWTH – Develop confidence as your business starts to grow. Your Microsoft software can seamlessly grow with it.
– Ease the integration of new business lines while defining improved business process and financial controls.
– Streamline out-of-state trade compliance issues with sales tax collection in non-residential states.