Everybody’s been there: your company has a software package everyone loves; it’s easy to use, everyone knows how to use it; but your managers want more information and they may not be up for a capital line item right now. What do you do?

There are a number of things that you can do to extend the life of your current software, a lot depends on what your challenges are.

For the sake of covering the basics, here are the top ten things that our clients tell us they have done to get more out of the software they already have:

  1. Make sure that they have the latest version of their current software, this way they have all the latest functionality
  2. If necessary, update their servers, RAM and desktops (you’ll need to do this anyway)
  3. Make a list of the functionality your team believes they need, (again, you’ll need to do this later anyway)
  4. Make a list of reports and information that your managers are asking for, combine it with the previous list and prioritize everything
  5. Take the time to calculate in hours the time consuming, redundant tasks you and your team do on a regular basis. Figure out what those tasks cost your company by multiplying hourly costs plus 30% fringe benefits
  6. If you need more manpower, estimate the cost of the person you need, plus 30% fringe benefits
  7. Take the top 3-5 items to your current software company and ask them to help you accomplish them or create work arounds to get the information your company needs
  8. Review and consider the cost of upgrading and expanding your current software with integrating applications if they are available
  9. Talk with colleagues that also use the same software, have they been able to solve some of the same issues? If so how? Did they have help?
  10. When the cost of making changes exceeds 70% of the new software you are considering, it’s time to start thinking about what a transition timeline might look like.

If this sounds like your challenges email me at khermes@thebestsolution.com and lets find time to talk.